TADS Tuition Management FAQ

How do I setup my agreement?
You will receive an e-mail from TADS with a link to click on to setup your tuition agreement. If there is no e-mail address on file for you, you will be mailed a paper agreement to fill out and mail back to TADS.

How can I setup my online TADS account?
If you fill out your tuition agreement online, you will already have an online TADS account. If you mailed in a paper agreement, you can create an online account by clicking here. You will be able to find your setup code on your e-mailed or mailed tuition agreement. If you are having trouble locating the setup code, please contact support at [email protected].

Why do I need an online account?
An online TADS account is beneficial so that you may make a payment online, as well as view all detailed past, present and future invoices for the school year.

What is a setup code and why is it used?
A setup code is a unique series of letters and numbers used to identify an account for a family, which ensures that only the person with the setup code can gain access to a particular account. This maintains the confidentiality and security of your data. If you are having trouble locating your setup code, please contact TADS.

How do I make a payment?
The different payment methods TADS offers are payment by check, credit card, or money order. You are able to make a payment online through your online TADS account, over the phone, or by mail. Please note that you should make sure to check on your tuition agreement as each school is able to customize the payment methods offered.

Can I make a payment with a credit card?
Yes, you may make a payment using your credit card. We accept Master Card, American Express, Discover and depending on your local laws, Visa. There is a convenience fee of 3% to use a credit card.

How can I contact TADS?
You may reach TADS by telephone by calling 1-800-477-8237, we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time. Our general support e-mail is is [email protected].

What is the address where I can send a payment?
Our mailing address is 110 N 5th St. Fl 2, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

When will my payments be withdrawn out of my account?
We withdraw funds on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 26th of each month. Please note that we initiate the withdrawal at 2:00 p.m. the previous day. If you make your payment on the due date, it will come out on the next time we do the bank withdrawals. However, as soon as your make a payment on your account, it is posted to your TADS account and is reflected as paid.

How do I know what I am being charged for?
Once you login to your TADS user account, you will be able to click on the invoice number to view the breakdown of each tuition invoice. You can also use the invoice as a receipt of payment.

How do I adjust my account information?
Once you are logged into your TADS account, click on the "Billing" tab, then click your account number. From this interface, you can click on the "Settings" link and edit your billing information (automatic payment options, mailing address, e-mail address, etc.).

I have a question on the charges or credits on my account.
Please contact the school directly with any questions on the tuition charges, additional charges, financial aid, etc.

How can I adjust my payment plan?
Please contact the school directly with any questions on the tuition charges, additional charges, financial aid, etc.

How can I adjust a due date for an invoice?
Please contact the school to request an adjustment to a due date for an invoice.

Can I still pay the school directly?
Schools prefer that families pay TADS directly as they use our service to help alleviate the cost of collecting payments at the school.

Can I pre-pay some, part, or all of my tuition?
Yes. By default, if a payment is received that is larger than the current amount due, it is applied sequentially to the next due invoice(s). If you wish to have it applied differently (for example, applied over all invoices, or applied to only one child), please call TADS directly at 1-800-884-8237.

I forgot my password to my TADS account.
Please click here to reset your password. A new, temporary password will be e-mailed to you. Once you login using the new password, you will be prompted to change the password to the password of your choice.

Can I receive a paper invoice in the mail?
Yes, you will be able to have all invoices mailed to you for a one-time fee of $10.

Is there a late fee if I do not pay by the due date?
Yes, there is a late fee that is applied if payment has not been received after five days past the invoice due date.

Can someone else make a payment on my account?
Yes. Please make sure your account number is written on any check sent to TADS.

Can I have another person access my account?
Yes, you may setup multiple user accounts for a billing account. You would do this by creating a new account by setting up a new account and entering in the setup code for the billing account. The setup code is found on a tuition invoice.

How do I create two accounts if there are multiple responsible parties?
The school will setup multiple tuition agreements for each responsible party. Please contact the school if you have any questions on how the tuition is split.